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Yes, many of them, this is the Wikipedia list of all of them:

"This is a list of mountain ranges in these municipalities of Puerto Rico.

  • Añasco
    • Cerros de San Francisco
  • Barranquitas
    • Montanas de Juan Gonzalez
  • Cabo Rojo
    • Cordillera Sabana Alta
  • Caguas
    • Altos de la Mesa
    • Altos de San Luis
  • Camuy
    • Montanas Guarionex
  • Cayey
    • Sierra de Jajome
  • Coamo
    • Cerros de Santini
  • Corozal
    • Montanas de Corozal
  • Fajardo
    • Sierra de Luquillo
  • Guayama
    • Sierra de Cayey
  • Isabela
    • Montanas Aymamon
  • Jayuya
    • Cordillera Central
  • Lajas
    • Sierra Bermeja
  • Las Marías
    • Sierra de Naranjal
  • Maricao
    • Montanas de Uroyan
  • Maunabo
    • Sierra de Guardarraya
  • Moca
    • Cordillera Jaicoa
  • Rincón
    • La Cadena"
Includes CC-BY-SA content from Wikipedia's List_of_mountain_ranges_of_Puerto_Rico article (authors)

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